An Evening with Russ Ballard

As a songwriter Russ Ballard’s achievements are truly listed in the annals. Russ’s first published song was for the Shadows ‘The Lost City’. From that early time Russ continued to pen commercially successful songs for many Artists, including his association with ‘Argent’.

The stories of his experiences and dealing with all these talented individuals linked with being a great raconteur had to become public.

Russ Ballard Brian May Kerry Ellis UMU Music

Umu decided to bring all of these stories to a show in the West End of London to spotlight this extraordinary man. The next thing was to decide on a theatre to make sure there was an intimate atmosphere and bring the audience into the conversation to share the funny, and sad experiences too. Mike Read was selected to host the evening and guide Russ through the experience. We then had to select the songs; this was an extremely daunting task as there are so many to choose from.

Russ Ballard Brian May Kerry Ellis UMU Music

Coincidently Russ was talking to Brian May at the time and Brian immediately offered his services for the evening to play some of the most iconic rock songs of the 70’s with Russ. Then there was the added bonus with Rick Wakeman on keyboards, and the West End Theatre Star, Kerry Ellis on vocals.“An Evening with” was a complete sell out!
More are planned for the future.