Production Specialists

As a leading supplier of live events, UMU Music can produce any event, at any scale, anywhere in the world. At UMU Music we have a vast pool of creative knowledge and experience, a reputation of excellence, and an access to an extensive inventory of equipment. As the partner of choice for some of the world leading entertainers and events, UMU Music’s team of creative’s, stage some of the most unique, challenging, and groundbreaking projects across a broad range of markets and are on site from concept through to execution with some of the world most cutting edge production solutions available to man.

PR Specialists

Supply leading events to our clients, whether it’s television or radio, national, regional or local newspapers, trade or sect oral media, or the ever important online world. UMU Music’s PR team manages to secure thousands of pieces of press coverage for our clients every year. We have the right pivotal experience and contacts that permit us to comprehend when it is the ideal time to contribute into the media and similarly while being in the media could hamper your advancement. Having the right knowledge and experience we know when the right time to release that story to have the perfect impact.

Artist Management

From Umu’s conception, we have set out to work with artists at all stages in their careers, and focus particularly on visual impact and online presence. Umu will handle the usual things Musicians expect and need from representation, freeing them to concentrate on the artistic side of their work rather than getting bogged down in administration. We also wanted to create an environment for artists to talk creatively to us about their work, objectives and aspirations, and help them to focus in the right direction.

Strategic Marketing

The Umu Group offers a full service using experience with key digital platforms, for Musicians, TV Broadcasters, Producers and Management. We specialise in expanding and developing our clients’ digital profiles and audience. In today' cyberspace creation  we recognise that to be successful, artists must have technology at their disposal, from disseminating information about their performances, to stunning visual identities, to streamlined concert management, and effective PR.